Pamcit- Masters of Arts in Conference Interpreting and Translation

The Master of Arts in Conference Interpreting and the Master of Arts in Translation are 24-month (or 4-semester) professional training programmes leading to the award of an M.A. in Conference Interpreting or, accordingly, an M.A. in Translation. The programmes will begin in August 2015 and will be run on a FULL-TIME and RESIDENTIAL/ NON-RESIDENTIAL basis. These programmes fall under the umbrella of PAMCIT, the Pan African Masters Consortium in Interpretation and Translation.

These two prestigious, top-quality and demanding Masters programmes will contribute to strengthening, anchoring and supporting the aims of PAMCIT to train interpreters and translators of the highest calibre to meet the growing needs of the multilingual communication and mediation markets on the African continent.

This African interpretation and translation project sets out to promote the development in Africa of training courses in conference interpreting, translation, and public service interpreting (in the public services, hospitals, courts, etc.).The on-going process of regional integration goes hand in hand with the growth of regional and international organisations in Africa and a resulting increase in the numbers of meetings, conferences and documents to be translated.

Thanks to the PAMCIT, a number of centres of excellence providing training in these disciplines have been established in Africa. They provide a two-year course at Masters level leading to the Pan-African Masters in Conference Interpreting and/or Translation. This initiative aims to help meet the demand in Africa for professionals in these fields. It comes in the wake of similar initiatives to train a new generation of interpreters and translators in Europe, Asia and the United States.

The University of Ghana is an active stakeholder in PAMCIT and is one of the centres of excellence for the training of interpreters and translators in Africa.

If you wish to become an interpreter or translator and are interested in these courses, please contact the persons listed below.


You should have a perfect command of one or two languages in addition to your native or main language, and you must pass the selection test held every year by the University of Ghana. You will find details on how to apply for these tests and the relevant conditions on the UG website.


For further information please contact the Programme Focal Point on the following line: +233 544 017 342; or +233 244 732 600

Or by email:; or


This category of applicants should visit the School of Graduate Studies, University of Ghana website at