Dean's Welcome

Welcome to the School of Languages webpage! The School, consisting of the Departments of English, French, Modern Languages and Linguistics, is one of six schools in the College of Humanities. It is committed to the training of language professionals and researchers for national and international practice. This is done through its well-thought out, innovative and market driven undergraduate and graduate programs and its cutting-edge language and interdisciplinary research. This commitment is motivated by the University’s mission to “develop world-class human resources and capabilities to meet national development needs and global challenges through quality teaching, learning, research and knowledge dissemination”, and the College of Humanities’ objective of creating synergy for interdisciplinary work and providing students and faculty with skills to tackle the developmental needs of our country. The units of the School have for several decades been involved in the teaching and learning as well as research into various aspects of language structure and usage, in addition to its associated literary and related cultural studies. While the Departments of English and Linguistics focus their teaching and research on English language structure and usage in Ghana and on various Ghanaian languages, in addition to literary studies, the Departments of French and Modern Languages place emphasis on training students to be proficient in various international languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Kiswahili. More recently, attention has been devoted to translation and conference interpreting as viable market-driven areas of training. As an inextricable part of the language proficiency enterprise, the departments take a keen interest in the literature and culture of the societies that represent these language groups. This has resulted in the School being host to the University of Ghana’s Confucius Institute, The Spanish Cultural Centre (Casa Hispanica) and the French Cultural and Information Centre (Maison Franҫaise). I invite you to visit our pages and get acquainted with our tenacious efforts at promoting research, teaching and learning of the languages represented in the School, as we relate the relevance of language study to our developmental agenda, by training and equipping our graduates to provide expertise in all forms of language related issues for our nation and internationally.