3rd June 2019 - 12th June 2019
Maison Francaise, University of Ghana Legon Campus

The School of Languages of the University of Ghana is pleased to announce to the University community and the general public the commencement of the 2019 edition of its annual Special Programs, slated from 3rd June to 12th June 2019 at the Maison Francaise on the University of Ghana campus.

Courses on offer are; Minutes-Taking & Agenda Writing, Speaking & Presentation Skills, Business Writing and Report Writing.

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Course Description

The course seeks to equip participants with hands-on techniques on how to compose the major forms of business writing such as memos, letters, reports, resumés, emails, as well as how to communicate succinctly and professionally in business settings. Participants will be exposed to samples of best and poor business writing for discussion and analysis. It is envisaged that this will enable them to imbibe the dos and don'ts of business writing. They will equally be tasked to model the best examples of different forms of business writing. 


Course Content


  1. Principles of Composition
  2. Principles of Business Writing
  3. Memos: Discussion and Analysis of Samples
  4. Business Letters: Discussion and Analysis of Samples
  5. Business Emails 
  6. Meeting Agenda and Minutes
  7. (Mission Statements)  




Course Description:                                                                                              

This course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for writing reports of all kinds. The practical emphasis of the course will give participants the confidence to write business and scientific reports that conform to conventional formats as well as convey the message effectively and efficiently. Core skills and principles covered in this course include types and features of reports, planning the report writing, writing an effective report, formatting and inserting tables and figures. 

Course Content

  1. Types of Reports
  2. The structural features of reports
  3. Writing an effective report
  4. Formatting and inserting visuals
  5. Editing and revising reports



Course Description

This course provides participants with in-depth skills on making effective and engaging presentations at various forums, including academic and press conferences, business, religious and other specialized presentations. It exposes participants to the essential components of public presentations and covers various strategies to developing ideas for a presentation as well as planning and structuring of presentations. Other topics covered include ensuring an effective engagement with the audience during presentations, the use of audio-visual aids, and overcoming stress and other factors that affect confidence in delivery.


Course Content

  1. Types of public presentations
  2. Essential components of public presentations
  3. Strategies to developing ideas for a presentation 
  4. Planning and structuring a presentation
  5. The use of audio-visual aids 
  6. Engagement with the audience during presentations
  7. Factors that affect confidence in delivery 





Course Description: The course seeks to help participants understand their role as minutes-takers and build their competencies to effectively carry out their duties.  By the end of the course, participants are expected to carry out the following core functions: recognize the importance of recording minutes, develop listening, critical thinking and organizational skills, prepare and disseminate minutes.


Course Content


  1. Responsibilities of the minutes-taker
  2. Knowledge of organizational culture and expectations for minutes-taking
  3. Familiarity with common difficulties encountered in minutes-taking
  4. Development of active listening skills
  5. Strategies for effective minutes-taking
  6. Knowledge of outcomes required for specific meetings
  7. Assessment of the dynamics of room set up and positioning of attendees
  8. Structure and format for presenting minutes
  9. Summarizing debates, agreements and disagreements with succinct explanations

    10. Recording action minutes when decisions are reached and responsibilities are assigned

    11. Ensure accuracy and timeliness

    12. Aspects of agenda writing 





Course Description

This two-day training programme is designed to provide participants with skills in aspects of spoken English. It begins with a general overview of the sound segments of English. Participants will be taken through the consonant and vowel segments of English. Following this, participants will be introduced to some supra-segmental features of the language. Particular attention will be paid to the use of intonation to convey different meanings in spoken language.


Course Content


  1. Sounds of English
    1. Consonants
    2. Vowels
  2. Intonation
  3. Problem areas
    1. Mismatch between orthography and pronunciation
  4. Reading Skills
    1. Punctuation
    2. Rhythm and focus
  5. Voice training




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