Vision, Mission and Values




The School’s vision is derived from the goal of the University of Ghana to become a “World class research-intensive University over the next decade”, as well as the ambition of the College of Humanities “to become a globally-recognized college of   excellence    for interdisciplinary scholarship”.


The School aims

to become a model School committed to outstanding scientific inquiry into language, literature and culture





The mission of the School provides the required complementary focus for the realization of the ambition stated in the vision.


We will achieve our vision by seeking to


create an environment that ensures the visibility of the School, locally and internationally, through innovative and market-driven undergraduate and graduate programs and its cutting-edge language, literature and cultural studies research.




As defined by the University of Ghana and the College of Humanities, the following stated values represent the expected conduct of students, staff and faculty.





We will demand the highest standards of ourselves to earn the trust of others







We will be committed to knowledge generation that positively impacts the lives of those within and outside our university community







We will provide others with a world class experience that demonstrates our value for the diversity and contributions of the members of our community






We will demonstrate a strong resolve to give back selflessly to our university